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Elder & Estate Planning

Planning for your elder and estate needs.

By using advanced estate and financial planning techniques, our specialists afford our clients the opportunity to clearly define how assets are to be allocated, trust funds established and charitable donations made.  In addition, we evaluate long-term care and health needs. Adair Financial Group has consulted on 100+ elder law cases and continues to work with the top elder law and estate planning firms in the country. 


By strategically consulting with elder law and estate attorneys we provide a proactive, holistic approach to ensure your plan is implemented along with:


  • Identifying life insurance needs.

  • Preserving your financial legacy.

  • Reviewing documents for accuracy and financial optimization.

  • Managing funds for retirement and possible health care costs.

  • Legally enforcing your health directives by composing a Living Will.

  • Establishing a Power of Attorney so someone can help with financial and legal decisions if you are unable to do so.

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