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Charitable Planning

Managing the charitable planning process smart.

A few main concepts in which our experts focus on thorough charitable planning include life insurance, income maximization and estate tax minimization. 

Review existing life insurance policies:

  • Find possible issues with existing policies, e.g., a potential for lapse of coverage.

  • Rewrite policy at the same premium with a greater death benefit.

  • Donate additional death benefit proceeds to charity.


Utilize unneeded Required Minimum Distributions:

  • Purchase life insurance with unneeded IRA RMDs.

  • Donate part or all of the death benefit to charity as a planned gift.

  • Create a guaranteed lifetime income stream by using principal protected products.


Increase income from safe money:

  • Increase income received from current safe money by effectively utilizing principal protected products with lifetime income features.

  • Generate 5-7% income with guaranteed lifetime income stream, allowing for a larger current gift to charity (Based on age of donor).

  • Use additional income to purchase life insurance to benefit the charity.


Minimize estate tax:
  • Donate the residual of the estate to charity.
  • Increase amount of money left to your heirs by restructuring the estate.

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