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Settlement Planning

Manage the sudden wealth transition confidently.

At Adair Financial Group and Settlement Services, we provide the same family home office approach utilized for our federal estate tax planning clients, to the personal injury claimant's settlement. Our firm's intellectual property and expertise allows us to provide unparalleled customized solutions that address the legal, tax and investment planning needs. Our comprehensive approach maximizes the use of the funds available to the client from the settlement, protecting and maintaining the government benefits, all while ensuring a legacy is left behind for the next generation. 


We strongly believe that an individual receiving a multi-million dollar settlement deserves the same comprehensive planning as a business owner selling their business for millions of dollars, possibly even more attention due to the complicated situation that injured party finds themselves in for the rest of their life.  Unfortunately, without proper planning, a plaintiff may “lock” themselves into one option for an extended period of time without the ability to change their minds in the future or determine what options are available until it’s too late.


The intersection of settlement planning, estate planning, public benefits screening and trusts issues significantly complicates settlement planning in today’s environment.  These matters are a fertile area for malpractice claims against personal injury attorneys.  Without an expert’s guidance and keeping up to date on the changing facets of the law and ethical responsibilities in each one of these areas is extremely difficult. 

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