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Adair Financial Group Guides 2014 Food-Truck Explosion Victim

Adair to Help Victim Manage a Portion of the Largest Settlement in PA History

Adair Financial Group, an exclusive wealth-management and tax-planning boutique firm based in Pittsburgh, was chosen to manage a significant portion of the largest personal-injury pre-trial settlement in Pennsylvania history.

Adair will manage a portion of funds from the settlement against U-Haul Co. on behalf of a 21-year-old woman injured in a 2014 food-truck explosion. The victim received $68 million after suffering severe burns and related injuries, when an outdated propane tank exploded.

Adair’s client was represented in settlement negotiations by Brian Adair, president and founder of Adair Financial Group. The settlement is part of an historic $160-million payout for the four victims of the explosion.

“A life-changing event, such as this presents a myriad of complex legal and financial challenges,” said Brian Adair. “We work closely with our clients in many ways to develop a tailored settlement that provides them with the confidence and resources needed to make long-term financial decisions that are only in their best interests.”

Adair Financial Group Private Settlement Services, a division of Adair Financial Group, provides attorneys and clients a comprehensive approach to financial planning and personal support leading to and following a settlement. Adair believes that an individual receiving a multi-million-dollar settlement deserves comprehensive planning throughout their entire life.

The Adair team develops a strong partnership with attorneys and clients to understand their concerns, personal goals and long-term objectives. Adair has helped more than 750 families successfully navigate the complexities of life-changing events.

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