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Adair Financial Group Manages Settlement For Young Girl Killed By Drunk Driver

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Pittsburgh–The Pittsburgh-basedfinancial planning firm, Adair Financial Group, was retained to manage a $15.5 million settlement on behalf of the family of a 7-year-old girl, who was killed by a driver under the influence of alcohol in 2010.

Brian Adair, president and founder of Adair Financial Group, represented the Cleland family in settlement negotiations with the Hofbrauhaus restaurant in Pittsburgh. The family sued Hofbrauhaus for over serving a customer and allowing him to leave and drive a car. The Cleland’s daughter was a passenger in her mother’s car, when the intoxicated customer struck them near the restaurant. The mother, Nicole Cleland, suffered severe injuries.

Adair Financial Group manages the family’s settlement, which took nearly three years to reach. As part of the agreement, the restaurant was required to make operational changes to prevent customers from leaving the restaurant under the influence.

“Our clients experienced a horrible tragedy that dramatically altered their lives,” said Brian Adair. “Adair Financial Group worked with the Cleland family throughout every step of the process to ensure they received more than a transaction-based settlement. Today, nearly five years later, we continue to work closely with the Cleland family to support them and protect their long-term interests.”

Adair Financial Group Private Settlement Services, a division of Adair Financial Group, provides attorneys and clients a comprehensive approach to financial planning and personal support leading to and following a settlement. Adair believes that an individual receiving a multi-million-dollar settlement deserves comprehensive planning throughout their entire life. 

The Adair team develops a strong partnership with attorneys and clients to understand their concerns, personal goals and long-term objectives. Adair has helped more than 750 families successfully navigate the complexities of life-changing events.

About Adair Financial Group

Adair Financial Group ( is an exclusive financial planning boutique, known for its selective practice in accepting new clients. With a national reputation for high standards and business ethics, the firm’s clients originate only from accountants and law firm referrals. Adair specializes in highly customized tax-reduction strategies and wealth-management plans for retirement, estates, asset protection, legal settlements, business succession, divorce and charitable giving. The firm takes a multiple-discipline approach by examining all of the investment, tax and legal implications from a team of internal experts.


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